Tips To Know About the Hacking And Its Variety


In this 21st century, everyone has become dependent on the digital world, and everyone’s life circles around some information that they have stored digitally. But is that information really safe? It is a big no. With a little skill in hacking, one can steal anyone’s information, no matter how safe that information is hidden. Hacking has answers to all the impossible hidden information. It is literally a theft, but not the theft of things or precious materials, but it is the theft of information.

Hacking is simply an activity that revolves around electronic devices and even controls an entire network. The government ethically used as a tool in case of an investigation, that too only if it is the only option available. But there is an infinite number of illegal hacking going on in the world and all the information is always at the risk of being stolen.

Why Does Anyone Hack?

There can be many reasons for someone doing the hacking, that too unlawfully. Those persons who do illegal hacking are tagged as cybercriminals. There are multiple reasons for them to hack, such as financial profit for secretive data, protest against any company or organization, spying on confidential information, or maybe just for fun.

Some people do smart hacking by attracting the user to click on the malware attachment so that just by the click, they retrieve all the information about the user.

Types of Hackers:

Like everything that has various categories, hackers also work depending on which category they fit in. There are three major types of hackers which are white, black, and grey hats. Wearing a hat has become the identity of a hacker even though they don’t wear it all the time or don’t wear it at all.

  • White Hat: Hackers who come under the white hat category are referred to as ethical hackers, as a corporate company hires them either or by a government entity to warn them if they find anything vulnerable.
  • Black Hat: Some hackers create malware that enters computers and PCs and hack the data from their devices illegally. They hack for various reasons and it depends on what they want. They can just steal the data or might even destroy the system based on their motive.
  • Grey Hat: This is a combination of black and white hackers. They usually check for vulnerability in a system without the permission of the owner and after stealing everything, they report to the owner that they have come across some vulnerability and charge more for sorting that out.

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